Problems with a septic system could cost between $10,000 - $25,000! Avoid these costly repairs by getting the septic system inspected before you buy. A properly conducted septic inspection is a sound investment that protects the value of your home.

Get your septic system inspected prior to putting your home on the market. Problems with a septic system can delay or even inhibit the closing of your home. Learn about the condition of your septic system today and make your home sale process as smooth as possible.

Was your septic system determined to be unsatisfactory? Get a second opinion inspection by a company of your choice. By choosing NJSI we present an objective evaluation of your septic system with no conflict of interest. Assure yourself that your septic system was inspected correctly.
Please note: If a company does determine the absorption area component of your septic system to be unsatisfactory, do not allow them to pump the septic tank. This enables the second opinion inspection to occur under the same conditions as the initial inspection.

When refinancing your home, most mortgage companies require you to get a septic inspection. Choose New Jersey Septic Inspections, LLC; a company you can trust.